As a further qualification for D3-certified, highly-experienced automotive mechatronics, EKONID and Astra Manufacturing Polytechnics (Polman Astra), vocational school of PT Astra International Tbk, are currently preparing a Meister Training Program.

The 1-year qualification following the German-standard Automotive Mechatronics Meister curriculum would be the first of its kind in Indonesia and Asia. It is composed of a theoretical part, including further knowledge in technical modules, economic and legal aspects as well as vocational education, and a practical “masterpiece” project (in German: “Meisterstück”).

The teachers of Polman Astra involved in the program had successfully passed the Automotive Mechatronics Meister examination in Germany.

According to German vocational education law, the Meister graduation is required for automotive mechatronics to run their own business in Germany.