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The ICCQ Trainer Pool is a group of training providers quality-approved by EKONID to offer further qualification seminars on the ICCQ Training Calender.

Eligible for membership in the ICCQ Trainer Pool are training providers, i.e. companies, domiciled in the Republic of Indonesia or abroad. Freelancers can be exceptionally accepted in order to ensure the coverage of special topics of potential interest for seminar participants.

Applicants have to provide the respective formal proofs required according to the ICCQ Trainer Pool General Terms and Conditions in order to meet the membership criteria.    

Members of the ICCQ Trainer Pool pay an annual membership fee of 2.200.000 IDR plus 10% VAT. The fee includes special marketing and networking advantages for the members.

The fulfilment of the membership criteria is regularly examined by EKONID including a performance check of the training providers on the basis of the seminar participants’ feedback.

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