The planning and organization of appropriate further qualification courses for employees can be a challenge. Not only must Heads of Human Resources and the relevant technical departments identify the required concrete training contents and find suitable qualified training providers. They must also explain to the latters the exact soft skills or technical knowledge needed and coordinate the timing for the respective training courses with them.

In the ICCQ Training Calender, EKONID gives you the opportunity to search and directly book fee-based training seminars on up-to-date topics - tailor-made for your “daily business”.  

Only training providers quality-approved by us for membership in the ICCQ Trainer Pool are entitled to display their training offers on the annual ICCQ Training Calender.

We would be happy to consider your individual thematic training need!

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, EKONID is supporting companies’ efforts to keep their employees learning, progressing and contributing. Our team works closely with the ICCQ Trainer Pool members to deliver the skills and knowledge companies and their employees need for today and the future.

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