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Place : Online
Start : 02 June 2020
End : 02 June 2020
Time : 16:00 - 17:00 WIB

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AgilityShip (Asia-Pacific) Pte Ltd

Our purpose is helping people, enterprises, communities, and nations become prosperous and sustainable by consciously and continuously applying our 12 AgilityShip Practices.  We customize products and services for our all-age education, training, coaching, and consultancy.  Our scientifically proven diagnostic tools and development programs create renewal, relevance, reinvention, and resilience for career, business, and life in a turbulent world full of opportunity.

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About the Training Seminar

A One-Hr Sharing Session for C-Suite Executives, Directors and Senior Managers


About the Session:

Business, career and life in the 21st Century will be dominated by the impact of AI and other disruptive changes. The role of leadership will require a different purpose and a new set of practices. We call this new capability ‘AgilityShip’.

A priority focus for leadership development programmes will be to enhance the unique gifts which only humans bring. This more humane leadership is critical as the world responds, like now, to pandemic, climate change and species extinction challenges.

Many professional, semi-professional and unskilled jobs will disappear and changes in the internal and external working environment will become ever more unpredictable. Products, services and how they are made and delivered to customers will need constant renewal and reinvention.

Retaining competitive advantage in this context calls for a very high degree of adaptive and collective leadership, with joined-up AgilityShip making the vital contribution to significantly improve team, business and community outcomes.

In this 1 hour INTRODUCTORY webinar we will introduce:

  • The 12 leadership agility practices you need to develop and use daily, so you can gain competitive and humane advantage in your business, career and life.
  • How to build a culture of AgilityShip and Entrepreneurship to sustain profitability and create future prosperity, as dramatic local and global changes continue to occur around us.


About the Speaker:

Doctor of Business Administration (Personal Values-Led Executive Leadership Team Development)

MSc (Applied Psychology in Business)

Post – Graduate Diploma in Careers Guidance

Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Management Consultancy

British Psychological Society-Chartered Psychologist (Special Group in Coaching Psychology)

Henley Management College (Certificate in Executive Coaching)

Paul has held visiting Teaching Fellow positions for Executive MBA programmes at Singapore Institute of Management, University of Birmingham (UK), Bond University (Australia), National University of Ireland, Academy of Finance (Vietnam) and Perm (Russian Federation) Business Schools.

Former leadership agility development students include Tim Horan and John Shillington.

International guest speaker appearances. For example, the launch of the Singapore ‘Executives Global Network’ seminar series in 2019, and on New Zealand national radio (The Chris Laidlaw Show) and other business media, as an advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand on nationwide CEO leadership selection and development processes.

Mentor of Founder-Entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives and their managers, focused on creating ‘sustainable’ commercial and public good value in multicultural settings through AgilityShip development.

Leadership Development thought leader and creator of a proprietary, useable at any age and in any circumstance, cross-cultural, ‘personal values-guided’ 12 leadership ‘agility’ practices learning methodology and diagnostics technology; using experiential learning, natural world insights and multi- sensory learning, with the goal of creating a more viable and sustainable world together.

First author of ‘Developing Change Leaders: the Principles and Practices of Change Leadership Development’ (Elsevier Publishing). Launched in 2011, in New Zealand, by the British High Commissioner to New Zealand.

Leadership roles in UK FTSE 100 Company (HR – L&D), Henley Business School (Leadership & Change) and Customised Executive Development Training-Consultancy businesses.

As a former Senior HR Manager (Selection, Career Guidance & Talent Development), Customised Training Director and current international leadership mentor, trainer and consultant, Paul has worked with numerous organisations across the world on delivering personal, team and whole enterprise people improvement plans and projects.



Date: Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Time: 16.00 – 17.00 WIB


Venue : Online Live Video Interactive



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Prices exclude tax. The fees are non-refundable upon invoice release.




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