ONLINE EDUCATION - Digital Leadership to Anticipate Industrial Revolution 4.0

One-Day Training


Place : Online
Start : 18 May 2020
End : 18 May 2020
Time : 10:30 - 11:30 WIB

Training Provider

PT. Fiqry Jaya Manunggal

Established in 2001 focusing on high-quality tech & non-tech training. Instructors are hands-on practitioners. FJM is your reliable partner in training solution Certification Virtual on-line & in-class training Production Operation Engineering & Maintenance Character & Team Building Geoscience HSE Logistics Customers are various multinational & local companies; Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Mining, Petrochemical, Telecom & Automotive Link to website:

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DR. Djadja A. Sardjana, ST. MMOleh 

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Deden 0818 953 006

Abd. Rohim 0896 1692 929405



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