Online Training - Selling Skills

Three-Day Training


Place : Online
Start : 25 August 2020
End : 27 August 2020
Time : 10:00 - 12:00 WIB

Training Provider

KPI Consultancy

KPI helps companies and individuals to achieve better results in their business communication. After attending KPI’s training workshops and seminars, participants are equipped with the skills they need to help them achieve their targets. By keeping our training both functional and interactive, participants leave with the feeling they can immediately apply their new skills in their job to affect a positive change.

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600.000 IDR
for EKONID members
750.000 IDR
for Non-members

Prices exclude tax. The fees are non-refundable upon invoice release.

About the Training Seminar

Value Selling 

Do you want your customers to buy from you, no matter what the price? Learn how to become a “trusted advisor” and get your customers to buy at a premium Price, winning business in highly competitive markets. This session is about finding out what value looks like, then building a powerful value proposition – and then articulating that value in a way that inspires.


  • Learn to sell at a premium price
  • Build value into the sale
  • Uncover ways to build long term valuable selling relationship


Selling in a crisis

It is possible to sell, and win, right now. In this Webinar, learn how to apply focus and logic to your client list, and spend energy in the right way, with the right clients. Perfect for sales teams, Managers and business owners who need to sell now, and are not 100% sure how to execute in this market.


  • Reviewing your client list to discover your high potential clients. 
  • Position yourself as someone offering value in a crisis 
  • Tailoring your value proposition to motivate clients to take action


Close Deals Faster 

Widely recognized as the most challenging stage in the sales process, Close Deals Faster helps transform you into an excellent closer. Learn how to build a buyer hunger and urgency, positioning your offer as the best option available for your customer.


  • Add an urgency to your value proposition
  • Understand what motivates buyers to say yes – the secrets of human behaviour and closing skills.
  • Overcome objections and negotiate like a pro

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