Indonesian Business Culture – Know How & Skills

1 day Course for Professionals


Place : EKONID Jl. H. Agus Salim No.115, Jakarta 10310
Start : 29 March 2019
End : 29 March 2019
Time : 08:30 - 17:00 WIB

Training Provider

Silke Irmscher

German Intercultural Expert, Trainer and Coach With a background in Communication Psychology, Silke Irmscher supports people creating successful communication, trustful relationships and thriving team spirits across cultures. She aims at unleashing the potential of individuals by developing a global mindset and acting with Cultural Intelligence in today´s global business.

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Participation Investment

3.500.000 IDR Early Bird until 25 March 2019

3.850.000 IDR
for EKONID members
4.000.000 IDR
for Non-members

The fee includes welcome coffee, lunch, course material and attendance

confirmation letter. Prices excludes tax

About the Training Seminar

How we bring up a topic, how we address somebody, how we complete a job or what do we expect from our manager or co-worker can differ a lot from culture to culture. Especially the differences between European cultures and Indonesia are known to be significant. To be able to work successfully and efficiently in Indonesia, international professionals need to make aware the different normalty of the people around them and gain knowledge about Indonesian culture values. Tha training supports this aim and makes expats fit for performing succesfully in the island country. Foreign managers from all over the world (EU, India, SEA, North/South America) are welcomed to this insightful training


This one-day workshop will cover:

Build and maintain trustful relationships

  • Effective communication – with or without words
  • Managing conflicts
  • Saving face in Indonesian (business) society
  • Leadership and motivation
  • Indonesian work ethics
  • Concepts of time and project scheduling
  • Cultural awareness and self-awareness
  • Business etiquette

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