Students from SMKN 26 Jakarta received instructions from expert

EKONID implemented the first dual vocational education program in Indonesia following the German model and standards in cooperation with a public Indonesian vocational school, SMKN 26 Jakarta, in 2017. The school conducts the theoretical part (circa 40 %) of the overall 2,5-year program.

PT Siemens Indonesia, PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia, PT MAN Energy Solutions Indonesia as well as the Indonesian state-owned enterprise PT Barata Indonesia train the first class of 20 students from SMKN 26 in the practical part (circa 60 %) of the program. The program including curriculum, examination and certifcation is organized, coordinated and quality-supervised by EKONID. The second class is planned to start in 2019.

The German-standard dual program in Indonesian language is a specific qualification in addition to the 4-year Indonesian vocational education SMKN 26 offers. Both programs are held in parallel. The German-standard curriculum applied covers the elements the Indonesian curriculum does not contain.  

The teaching, training and supervisory staff of Siemens, Mercedes, MAN, Barata as well as SMKN 26 involved in the German system vocational education program successfully completed the one-week “Training of Trainers” course certified by EKONID following the German-standard course “Ausbildung der Ausbilder (AdA)”.